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Forever Kalei’s Mom

A Story about Life, My Child’s Death and What Forever Really Means

a book by Lorene Holizki

In the space of a heartbeat, author Lorene Holizki was thrust into a world she did not know or want. On August 20, 2001, the unimaginable happened; her 16-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Kalei, was killed instantly in a head-on car crash.
Desperate for insight into the emotions that threatened to crush her from the inside out, Holizki learned everything she could about her different world and new life. Along the way, she discovered there was an entire lifetime housed within the world of grief. In Forever Kalei’s Mom, she offers a deeply personal analysis of death and her journey through the grieving process. Divided into three sections, this memoir gives a sense of Holizki’s relationship with her daughter, discusses the inner turmoil of the unimaginable grief and shares how grief and the future learn to cohabitate.
At times heartbreaking, Forever Kalei’s Mom discusses the lessons she has learned during the process. It presents an honest look at the chaotic mental and emotional grieving journey from Holizki’s perspective as a mother.