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Lorene Holizki is your next door neighbor; she lives in the house just down the street from you. Lorene is you; or at least she could be if death visited your doorstep as it did hers.

With a dogged determination, Lorene set about studying grief and the difficult journey that was forced upon her. Day after day she analyzed her new world and wrote about what she learned in stories. Through them, Lorene brings to life the characters that shared or influenced her. Their participation, often unbeknownst to them, was critical to her understanding of the raw emotions that threatened to overwhelm her, and key to the heart and soul of any good story, painful or not.

Grief mentors like friends Sandy and Jack Alley, cheered Lorene on when the words wouldn’t come or perhaps, when she just got tired of trying. In the end, Lorene was able to create full and complex life images through her stories; and in doing so has shared an open, honest and vivid perspective of her unimaginable world.

On a professional level, Lorene is a business analyst. In addition to her work managing the commercial requirements of natural gas and liquid projects, her literary work has been mainly technical papers she wrote and published about the grain-transportation (another lifetime ago) and natural-gas industries.

On warm summer nights, Lorene’s backyard is her sanctuary. It is her safe place and where she goes to wind down at the end of each day. Not only does she enjoy the solitude, but maintaining her garden gives her purpose while at the same time, fosters a sense of pride in her surroundings. If there is a weed that has escaped her eagle eye, it is cleverly hidden for she applies the take-no-prisoners model in order to keep the beauty of that space as pristine as possible.

She currently resides in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta. Whenever possible, she engages in public speaking, sharing her passion for life, love, faith and how she came to be Forever Kalei’s Mom.